Embroidery Workshop with Adriana Torres (Miga de Pan):
Weaving an Embroidery

Miga de Pan – Weaving an Embroidery


How to create a raised embroidered pouch

The stitches used to illustrate the pouch are made with the same technique used in loom weaving. The raised embroidery is an effective and fast way to do it. It is perfect to highlight clothing or accessories. The students will learn how to hand-sew the textiles used to create the pouch.

This class is aimed at beginners or students with advanced skills who wish to improve their technique. No previous knowledge required.

We are thrilled that Adriana Torres aka Miga de Pan will be joining us in September providing us with a rare and incredible chance to get a glimpse of her design philosophy, exquisite techniques and extraordinary embroidery. Adriana is coming all the way from Buenos Aires and we can’t wait!

Duration total:

6 hours (plus 1 hour lunch break)

Adriana Torres (Miga de Pan)


English (German speaking people are also welcome, the most important parts will be translated!)



Number of participants:
Max. 9

CHF 180.-

Materials and tools, giveaway, tea and cookies


Natural wool textile (hand-woven), needles and pins in different sizes, pearl cotton, mouline and retors mat threads and wool

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About Adriana Torres (aka Miga de Pan):
Adriana Torres, artist, illustrator, and founder of Miga de Pan has studied architecture and graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires. Her collection was distinguished with the Seal of Good Design, an official distinction awarded by the Ministry of Industry to the national industry products that stands for innovation, for its commitment to local production, by its position in the market and its quality design.

Adriana has taught several embroidery workshops not only in Argentina but all over Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Bilbao, La Coruña, Sevilla and Palma de Mallorca), Paris, Berlin, London, Ciudad de México and The United States: in Boulder (Colorado) and Philadelphia (at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters HQ).

Read more about Adriana Torres here!

Miga de Pan – Weaving an Embroidery

Miga de Pan – Weaving an Embroidery

Miga de Pan – Weaving an Embroidery


Anna & Juan – Shop
Sihlfeldstrasse 93
8004 Zürich

Wann: 17.09.2016
Wochentage: Samstag
Zeiten: 10:00 - 17:00

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