Papier- und Stoffdruck in der Marmortechnik – Suminagashi mit Carly Dorrington


This workshop is run by Artist and Marbler Carly Dorrington.

Learn Carly’s researched methods to adapt Suminagashi Japanese printing techniques to effectively translate to natural fiber fabrics. You will begin with trying out the basics of Sumi printing on paper and playing with the tools and inks and then move onto printing fabric samples. While the fabrics dry and you relax into watching the colours swirl and creating designs, Carly will press them so you can try out double layer printing. Beautiful and completely unique patterns can be achieved by floating and manipulating special inks on water.

Dieser Workshop beinhaltet:
Geschichte Suminagashi
Werkzeuge und Materialien
Stoffe und Beizmittel
Calrys Geheimtipps

Kursdauer total:
4.5 Stunden

Carly Dorrington


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Anzahl Teilnehmer:
min. 8, max. 13

CHF 140

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Carly Dorrington

Carly Dorrington

About Carly Dorrington:
Carly Jean Dorrington is an Artist and Marbler from England, living and working for the last 10 years in Berlin. Carly studied printed textiles and fine art and has been working between the mediums of print, textiles and painting since graduating. She has a strong passion for unique prints, techniques and using traditional materials in innovative ways. She fell in love with marbling many years ago whilst researching ancient printing techniques for a project based on reviving and recycling old silk and cotton fabrics.

Over recent years Carly set up the project space Sonder 54 in Berlin, curating workshops and exhibitions allowing artists and makers to share unique skills, as well as producing bespoke and one off items for her small label Luir. She also prints large scale marble prints on paper in her giant hand built marble bath and has recently been working with sculptural elements

Carly’s contemporary and experimental approach to marbling has taken her all over Europe in the last years teaching classes, hosting events, performances, collaborations and exhibitions.

„I don’t think of marbling as just decorative, to me it is exactly like abstract painting… only with marbling we are painting on water, so in a sense we collaborate with the elements.“


Carly Dorrington

Carly Dorrington


CHF 140.00

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Bremgartnerstrasse 66
8003 Zürich

Wann: 17.06.2018
Wochentage: Sonntag
Zeiten: 13:00 - 17:30

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