Toc Toc Toc Magazine Issue 11 (Englisch und Französisch)

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Issue 11

Julie Cerise – Georges – Lucille Gauthier-Braud – La Petite Papeterie Française – Johanna Tagada – Vividgrey

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“TOC TOC TOC is a bi-annual independent magazine, created in 2010 by Sophie Denux .

TOC TOC TOC was born from the desire to share a certain vision of creation, of contemporary craftsmanship and its various players. It takes the form of an invitation to discover their world, their living spaces, their workshops, their journeys…

TOC TOC TOC is a traveller book- mag. Each edition is based on a different city, somewhere in the world.

TOC TOC TOC is an inspiring edition for the life of every day and launch experimented entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs starting a new brand or a new project.”

114 Seiten, 15 x 21 x 1.1 cm, 330 g

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