Creative Embroidery (with Guillermina Baiguera)


On May 28th and 29th we will have the pleasure to host once again embroidery expert Guillermina Baiguera, who will lead two different workshops at Anna & Juan Shop and Studio. Throughout these seminars of 4 hours each, participants will have the opportunity to learn different embroidery stitches and to develop their own image, guided by a skilled practitioner and teacher.

Guillermina Baiguera is an artist specialized in the technique of embroidery. She lives and works in Buenos Aires. As the director of the art gallery Formosa, she has developed and coordinated embroidery workshops since 2008, establishing a unique space where this handicraft is taught and practiced.
In 2014 she edited and published her first book, “Manual: puntos bordados” (Buenos Aires, Formosa Ediciones) a beautifully illustrated compilation of her favourite embroidery stitches.

Check some of her amazing work here.

Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Sunday May 29th: Creative Embroidery
This class is a perfect complement to the Basic Stitches workshop, but can also be taken alone.
In the course of this workshop you will learn diverse ways to compose your own image.

Through a simple exercise that proposes training the observation and comprehension, we will focus in the process of composing and creating an image to embroider. It is a useful exercise to actively know the elements that constitute a piece (then stitches) and to understand the unique relation that each image has in the individual and general experience.

Duration total:

4 hours

Guillermina Baiguera


English and Spanish


No previous knowledge required.

Number of participants:
Max. 8


CHF 130.-

materials and tools, giveaway, tea and cookies

***You can benefit from a 10% discount on the total fee if you book both workshops together***


Piece of fabric, embroidery needle and threads. An embroidery hoop will be provided during the class (with a buying option).

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Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Guillermina Baiguera – Embroidery

Anna & Juan – Shop
Sihlfeldstrasse 93
8004 Zürich

Wann: 29.05.2016
Wochentage: Sonntag
Zeiten: 13:00 - 17:00

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