Embroidered Illustrations


Join London based designer, maker and shop owner Jessie Chorley for a special one-day workshop. This class will explore Jessie’s unique hand embroidery and applique style as she helps you to create your own stories, incorporating stitch and favorite fabric scraps.

Jessie will show you how she uses her needle and threads as her drawing tools to both illustrate with and also to incorporate and to secure found items of interest. Collecting items to incorporate in to her work is a large part of both Jessie’s practice and her inspiration.

You will start this workshop by embroidering directly in to a hand printed template designed by Jessie, she will show you how to fill in this design using her unique style of embroidery, and using her favorite stitches. You will then go on to work in a more free “patchwork” style to create a border for your illustration, while all the time focusing on hand stitching. Jessie will also demonstrate and encourage embroidered text and lettering. Your finished illustration is perfect for placing in a frame in your home once complete.

Duration total:
5 hours (plus 1 hour lunch break)

Jessie Chorley


No previous knowledge required

Number of participants:
min. 7, max. 10

Total CHF 150 (plus CHF 10 for materials)

You will be provided with a material kit.

Please also bring theses items with you:
A sharp pair of scissors
Your own sewing tools needs
Favourite embroidery threads
Your favourite fabric scraps
Found memorabilia, e.g., old buttons, lace, paper scraps, things you may like to incorporate
into your work during this workshop

Jessie Chorley – Stickerei

Jessie Chorley

Jessie Chorley is an independent designer, maker, collector tutor, author and shop owner specializing in Embroidery Collage and Appliqué. “At the heart of my work is hand stitching, and traditional embroidery techniques which she combines with my passion for collecting.”

“I use my needle and thread to both secure items in place as well as for detailed illustration and text.”

“My needle and thread act as my drawing tool, I use favorite and usually found threads toillustrate chosen imagery and words directly on to and in to my chosen fabrics, books, papers and found items.”

Jessie mainly works with paper and fabric all of which are “found and pre-used” this being her passion, her inspiration and always her starting point.

Jessie lives and works in Hackney East London where she runs Jessie Chorley – The Shop & Workshop which is situated in the heart of East London at 158a Columbia Rd flower market, London E2 7RG.

Jessie travels world wide to teach her skills, passions and techniques to like minded other. These travels are a huge part of her inspiration, and part of her journey as an artist and maker. Jessie is widely know on her Instagram feed as “jessiechorley” as she daily documents here life as a maker weaving words, phrases and snippets of conversations from her travels in to her work while out and about or on a train, flight, walk, boat or car journey. She also documents here daily routine at here shop and studio.



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Bremgartnerstrasse 66
8003 Zürich

Wann: 11.02.2018
Wochentage: Sonntag
Zeiten: 10:00 - 16:00

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